Prepare for the Unexpected

If you had a choice of a superpower, what would it be? My superpower of choice would be the ability to see into the future. Unfortunately, this isn’t a reality until time machines are developed. In the mean time, we journey through life with a series of unknown questions about the future.

With that being said, we can conclude that life is fragile and unpredictable. It’s not possible to predict the future, but it’s possible to plan for the unexpected.

Over the weekend, I ended up in the emergency room from an unforeseen medical issue. Although I have health insurance from my employer, I was still presented with a $640 bill out of pocket!

Fortunately, I have an emergency fund that can absorb this expense. Although I exercise regularly, eat well, and go for my annual check-ups, life still happens.

The motto? Prepare for the unexpected to handle what life throws at you!

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